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This is a Pet Blag

This is mostly for Joop. If I had waited until IRC tonight, I would've forgotten to mention it. Today's Achewood screams for your attention.

Also, Sweeney Todd was okay. Worth seeing, but it just seemed like there should've been much MORE to it, y'know? Like half of the plot's development was cut (ha ha) from the movie. The sound system in the theater was low quality, so half the time I couldn't tell what they were singing. It also has a very IT TURNS OUT IT WAS MAN ending. It reminds me that I need to see Hannibal Rising. (I think Yui will enjoy Sweeney Todd very much)

Bullshit Never Sounded So Good

I really like my XM. It's nice to browse through the rock stations, or put some light jazz on in the background, or listen to random bits of stand-up while I do other stuff. It's a very Background-Noise Centric type of radio. But it needs to stop billing itself as commercial free. It isn't even close to commercial free. I heard 3 minutes worth of advertisements for other XM stations, online gambling sites, their own station (including letting you know which station you are listening to), and some other website I forget, right after a George Carlin bit. And they're BORING commercials. It's like that for every station, too.

XM Radio is definitely worth the 13 a month, but don't feed us the no-commercials bullshit. I don't mind the commercials, just admit that you have them.


I FINALLY get through to the Mazzoni Center, and the results aren't in yet. It was suggested to call back Monday. T eyes, D colon

Quick Question

What's the longest one syllable word in the English language?

Pitchfork Media: Amateur Edition

So I just got Figurine's latest album, When the Deer Wore Blue. I know, everyone so cares. :P In any case, if you haven't already, you really ought to check out their previous albums, Shake a Mountain and especially Skeleton. I didn't even know this album came out until I was reading a copy of The Onion my father gave me. Initial reaction: Disappointment. I can imagine them sitting around the studio, ready to record, when the lead singer comes in, waving a copy of a Beach Boys CD, and goes:
"DUDES, dudes, dudes. We need to get in on this sound. But we have to do it totally indie. We're gonna turn the reverb up EVEN FURTHER, and, oh, Drummer? We're cutting your pay to $2 dollars per song, so you should play like you don't care anymore."
"But, Lead Singer, that's crap. Our sound was great when we were trying to be Modest Mouse, but good. We were getting recognition in the US, and this will harm it."

Maybe I OUGHT to write for Pitchfork, after that and my take of the Dethalbum.

IRC Log, With Extra Nuts!

{MajorWood} he (Professor Xavier from X-Men) can't walk because he's using his powers to block out the pain in his legs
{MajorWood} i doubt he has pain in his wang
{Yukari} he might. :o
{AcidReign} he can't walk because he's fucking drunk and binging on oxy and codeine
{SilentB} rofl
{MajorWood} lol
{SilentB} I don't know why that's making me laugh as hard as it is
{SilentB} But I love it
{AcidReign} that and he does it to get sympathy
{SilentB} oh god
{AcidReign} bitches don't know about my hypochondria